Postgraduate training

2016 Revit advanced training 2016 at Modena

Site & project Setup
Worksets & Collaboration
Massing & Conceptual Modelling
Schedules: Areas, Rooms & finishes
Views, Sections, Callouts
Modelling floors, columns & beams
Modelling stairs & railings
Modelling curtain walls & railings
SANS 204
Family creation 1 Doors
Family creation 2 Parametric Arrays
Family creation 3 Parametric arrays & trigonometry
Door schedules
Design options & phasing
Annotation families
Detail items
05.2012 Data exchange and organisation in Allplan at Cycot, Augsburg [D]

CAD file formats
Import and export of files in CAD-systems
Allplan import/export functions
08.2010 "Cinema 4D Sommercamp 2010" at Cycot, Augsburg [D]

3D modelling in Cinema 4D
Principals of rendering engines
3D rendering using Cinema 4D
11.2009 DIAL training by Deutsche Institut für Angewandte Lichttechnik [D]

Norms and laws
Calculation of lighting
Designing with light
06.2003 KMK-foreign language certificate (occupational english) at Friedrich Weinbrenner Gewerbeschule, Freiburg [D]
06.2003 EDP specialist at HWK, Freiburg [D]