Only tasks which I have worked on are listed. Tasks which only colleagues have processed are not listed under tasks.
Inner city comp. Augsburg 2009 the city of Augsburg offered a competition in which a concept for the entire road and rail network of Augsburg, special focus was the inner city area

We finished the competion with 1. prize. The realization of the draft began 2010

The competion was done in collaboration with Wunderle Architects.
Königsplatz After the inner city competition an new competition was called out. The Königsplatz is the main hub for public tram and buses which did not meet todays standards anymore. At the Königsplatz there also is a small park with old trees. Our draft used the branch structure in the structural design of the roofs.

The competion was done in collaboration with Wunderle Architects.

3D modelle for rendering
CAD coordination with Wunderle Architects
Grüntenstraße The WBG Augsburg wanted to host a competition for a refurbishment of a highrise building in Augsburg.
The supervision of the competition was done by Stumpf-Wolfinger Architects

Through this project I gained interesting experience, because we were part of the organizers and jury

Preliminary study for competition
Survey plans for participants
Catalogue of questions
Supported jurry as representative of customer
Evaluation of participants draftings colloquium
Evaluation of jury
Nursery school Haunstetten The nursery school in Haunstetten invited to a competion due to lacking space.

We received the 1.prize.

Presentation map
3D modell
Heiligen Kreuz In the historical inner city of Augsburg a competion for social housing and public facilities of a foundation was made. The property lies in a heritage ensemble which ment the new building had to be integrated. In the soil there were findings of roman times which one wanted to keep untouched.

Floor plans
Facade drafts
Presentation and Layouts.
Nursery school Göggingen A new nursery school in Göggingen should be planned. The new nursery school should be built while the old building still is in use, which ment the new building had to be at a new location on the property.

Scaled models